Monday, 29 July 2013

A busy and enjoyable Summer at WWT, Slimbridge.

Phew, just over a month to go on my posting as Artist in Residence at WWT Slimbridge

I have had so much fun. I have met some lovely people.......those who work at Slimbridge, and visit Slimbridge - everyone has been fab.

                                                      ART FINISHED AT SLIMBRIDGE

Despite my many, many animated chats about all things arty and insecty with those who have popped by to visit. I have still managed to get some work done.......Microscopy art is my new thing and I have finished 2 pieces at Slimbridge.......
The first one is a study of the female worker honey bee (Apis mellifera) and the second, a study of insect proboscises. Really chuffed because the honey bee study is going in the Autumn British Beekeepers Association Magazine, as part of a feature on bee anatomy.

I have also completed a painting of a White Tailed Bumble Bee with a Papaver Orientalis

So I have finished some pieces that I am really pleased with........What else have I got up to????......

                                          PAINTING COURSES AT SLIMBRIDGE

Still have one to go, but the July painting course, " Butterflies, Beetles and Bees" was such great fun. The students were all lovely. We all spent a very relaxing day sharing insect and art experiences and stories and just being a little bit self indulgent. This is the photo of those hard working folks at their easels....

......and "wow" did they do some amazing work!!! I think I need to be worried about their worthy competition. Have a look at some of these great paintings.....

Cant wait 'til the next course, "Painting Pollinators" on the 30th August at Slimbridge, but not before I do my "Why are Insects Fab?" arts and crafts sessions with children at Slimbridge on the 5,6,7 and and 27, 28, and 29th August. Children will have lots of fun making their own bugs. We will be looking at my exotic insect specimens and also using magnification equipment to produce some fab insecty creations.....cant wait!!

                                    "Incredible Insects and Butterflies and Bees"

For those who can't make the dates at Slimbridge, there is a chance to come along and enter the secret and fascinating world of insects at The Musuem in the Park at Stratford Park. On Sunday 25th August, I will be based at the lovely Musuem in the Park. The morning will be dedicated to the children and kiddy insect art and the afternoon will be dedicated to adults and to producing something a little bit more scientific........ .......look forward to seeing you there!!....... 

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