Friday, 11 January 2013

My latest project - Saving Scottish Wildcats;

There are only 35 true Scottish wildcats left in the wild. A group of dedicated individulas have set themselves the enormous task of raising money to set up a 7000 sq mile reserve on the West Highlands of Scotland to keep the last individuals safe. Safe from interbreeding from domestic cats, to keep the blood-line pure.
Cover photo

More details about this project can be found here....

A wildlife artist called Phil Larsen has organised 40 artists, who have each drawn, sketched, painted or sculpted their version of a Scottish wildcat. The intention is to publicise the on-line gallery intensely to raise funds for this great cause.

This is my contribution to the project. I prefer working with graphite for my mammalian work.....I wanted him to look really intense - to capture the power of these wonderful animals....

Photo: Just a few finishing touches and he is ready for sale...He will be raising funds to help  set up a sanctuary for the last remaing wildcats in the country. See details on either or

To purchase this image, and help theis very British and worthy cause, either visit the on-line gallery or visit The Mammalian Gallery on my website.


  1. Today, you rarely see a purely-bred wildcat, due to the extensive crossbreeding with the domestic types. I wish this cause would continue to gain clout online to further help the preservation of the wildcats' pure bloodline.

    Allison Perris

    1. You are right Alison

      I too can’t understand why we don’t give their plight more attention. You see so much about Snow Leopards or Tigers, but nothing about our own Wildcat. There are two major projects out there that intend to either set up a huge nature reserve for them, or to put breeding pairs on two deserted Scottish islands, to allow their numbers to increase naturally.

      Fingers crossed that they will be saved and will continue to grace the West Highlands with their glorious presence. I have donated two pieces of artwork to the Scot Wildcat Assoc project to set up a huge reserve for them....I have sold one piece so far. The other piece showcased in the blog entry is still for sale. Tell all your friends to have a look at the gallery and to buy a piece of artwork and they will be helping to save a very important species.

      Thanks for your interest Alison. All the best, Cath Hodsman