Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Reflecting on my Summer activites and looking forward to new Arts/Insects events.......

I had such a busy Summer. My Artist-in-Residence at Slimbridge was so enjoyable, that Slimbridge and myself are keeping our connection going.

                             Insect Arts and Crafts Events for Children

We are planning more insect craft events for children for next Spring/Summer and also plan to run at least another two painting courses - The subject??.......... My beloved insects of course. I have just purchased a batch of new high powered microscopes and plan to use them for new microscopy courses in 2014........

I have used them in a limited way at events Slimbridge and also Stratford Museum in the Park, but for 2014, I will be running courses that are based around what participants can see through the microscopes. The anatomy and physiology of fab insects like bees and butterflies can be explained much more clearly with the support of the microscopes, making for a much more fascinating experience.......I can't wait to see the art that is produced as a result!! One date is already fixed for 2014. On the 6th June 2014, I am running a course at the famous Painswick Rococo Gardens called "Beautiful British Bees" .  I am also planning similar painting and microscopy courses at Nature in Art, as well as Slimbridge. Watch this space for dates.....

My relationship with Painswick Rococo Gardens begins with a spell as Artist-in-Residence from 10th - 16th February, during their ever popular snowdrop season. I am really looking forward to this. My theme for the week will be"New Beginnings" as the season wakes up after the winter and I plan to paint a collection of early emerging British butterflies and moths.....hoping for twenty in the study....that will keep me quiet!!
This is a watercolour study I did of an early emerging butterfly - the gorgeous Brimstone (one of my favourites) on one of its favourite food sources, Bluebells. Did you know that it is commonly believed that the term "Butterfly" comes form this wonderful butter-coloured butterfly??
Further Artist-in-Residences are planned at Nature in Art and others, still under negotiation. Watch here for date confirmation.......
                                          Conservation Events


So, lots planned for next year. I am also planning a couple of exhibitions and will be attending my usual conservation shows, such as the annual Butterfly Conservation AGM and Members' Day on the 16th November 2013.


  1. Great to hear you will be back at Slimbridge next year Cath, my little boys will be thrilled to see you again. You certainly have a full diary. I look forward to seeing your butterfly paintings, no doubt they will be stunning.

    1. Hi C.J - Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I had such a lovely time at Slimbridge, that we are busy making plans for next year. It was so great to see the enthusiasm towards insects from fab kiddies, like you lovely boys. Everyone was great there. My mind is so full of new ideas for next year.....bring on the Summer!! I am also looking forward to my stint as Artist in Residence at Painswick Rococo Gardens. I am currently trawling my photo library for the right images to go into the early emerging butterflies and moths study. The snowdrop season at Painswick is stunning and so the chance to see that every day at first hand will be wonderful. See you guys soon!!