Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Artist in Residence at Nature in Art - 29th Jan - 4th Feb 2013

I am really looking forward to my AiR at the world famous Nature in Art  http://www.nature-in-art.org.uk/             

Nature in Art is the only place in the world that pays homage to wildlife and associated issues and nothing else, through the medium of art. It attracts artists from all over the world who have become experts and icons in wildlife conservation. People like Gary Hodges  http://www.garyhodges-wildlife-art.com/ , who does a huge amount to help the plight of wildlife, particularly African big cats.
I will be there from 29th Jan - 4th Feb 2013.
I have started a painting called "Spectrum". It will be arranged like a colour wheel and will illustrate the rich diversity in insect colour. Entomology is my special passion and I am driven to draw attention to the beauty that is all around us in the insect world, but is so often,  ignored or reviled. Hopefully by the end of my residency, it will be finished, ready for sale. I will also have a selection of my originals paintings, prints and greetings cards for sale. Please come along, I would love to see you......I don't bite!!

........Difficult to envisage it so far, but it's all in my head, and should look effective when finished.
Each photographic reference is one I have captured myself. Where I do have gaps in my records, I have a couple of wonderful friends, Roy and Marie, who will "lend" me images, if I am stuck. These fab people are wildlife experts in their own right and are totally dedicated to promoting the beauty of the natural world.

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