Monday, 4 February 2013

A fab week as Artist in Residence at Nature in Art

 I had such a wonderful time as Artist in Residence at Nature in Art.

The studio is so light and so airy, with plenty of room to hang work and showcase other things, such as prints and greetings cards.....

I had such wonderful chats to lovely like-minded people, about wildlife, insects, conservation, art, photography...even the war!!

It is like one big family there. The Nature in Art team are so friendly and accommodating......I did think about staging a sit-in and refusing to leave!!

I met people of all ages. So lovely and refreshing to see that there are still so many people who genuinely care about, and are interested in, our natural world.......
In fact, I did so much chatting that I didn't get much painting done on my "Spectrum" project. This is it so far.......Pleased with how things are going on it and am hoping it should look effective when it is finished.....
Am already looking forward to my next AiR at Nature in Art. In the interim, will be working on an insect painting course that I hope to run there also. There was so much enthusiasm from people that I look forward spending more time with entomological/painting fans. Will keep you posted vis-a-vis dates.

For more information about this wonderful venue in Glos, click on this link.

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