Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Buglife sell my prints on auction site to raise funds.

Buglife is the only organisation who supports conservation causes for invertebrates...and so are a group after my own heart!! http://www.buglife.org.uk/

As such, last year, I donated a collection of my insect prints to sell on their website. Each one sold for £70.00 each and all proceeds went to Buglife.

There are still a few left!!!!....... Buglife have now placed the remaining prints on the "Giving Lots" website. This is a great site where you can buy or bid for special items...and all of the proceeds go to charitable causes. If you care about invertebrates and want to support Buglife, please click below and bid/buy... http://www.givinglots.co.uk/charities/Buglife%20-%20The%20Invertebrate%20Conservation%20Trust

This is one of the prints still available to buy..."Having a Drink" 
I love supporting and working with Buglife.....They are a great team of people who all work so hard to help preserve our smallest, but most important life forms.....our invertebrates.
Buglife Members' Day and AGM 20th April 2013
My prints and greetings cards will be on sale at their Members' Day too and after that, a selection of my greetings cards will be sold on their website on a more permanent basis, to raise funds. 

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