Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I have joined the "Wildlife Art Company"!!

I am over the moon!!..... I have just joined, what I consider to be the mecca for my type of artwork......the Wildlife Art Company!!  http://www.wildlifeartcompany.com/cath_hodsman.php

Mark Cawardine, BBC Zoologist, the agency's founder identified an increasing demand for top quality wildlife and natural-history illustrations that were scientifically accurate, as well as beautiful, for organisations like Collins Field Guides, Natural History Museums, and so on. The Wildlife Art Company seeks to meet this demand.
The agency showcases work from 60 or so, wildlife artists from across the world. The work is incredibly diverse. You can view beautiful illustrations.............anything from fish to fossils...
When completed, I will have 15 images with WAC and I can't wait to see what challenges, being part of this fab group of international artists will bring. This is one of the images from my selection.....one of my favourite paintings and best sellers, "Beautiful British Bees"   http://www.cathhodsmanwildlifeartist.com/2012/12/british-bee-paintings/


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