Friday, 26 April 2013

How my Microscope will enhance my One Day Insect Painting Courses at WWT Slimbridge

After my Microscopy day organised by Cirencester Beekeepers, I have so much renewed enthusiasm and new ideas for my art!!

I found the day so interesting and, for the first time ever, I was able to see, with ease, what I always struggle to see with my own eyes when I am painting.

The clarity and detail that my microscope picks up is amazing and I cant wait to use my new found equipment on my one-day insect painting courses at WWT Slimbridge. It will also be fab to use with the children on their activities' too. For more info of my Slimbridge work as Artist in Residence this Summer, click here

These is one image that I took with my normal camera.....still have to buy the special camera attachment that allows you to take much clearer images and keep them for prosperity, but this still gives an idea of the excellent detail and magnification so far..... This is a honey bee head. You can see one of the secondary eyes on the right hand side of the shot. Its antennae are in the centre.  To the left of the shot is the start of the bee's's a lovely honey- yellow colour!!
Honey Bee - Apis mellifera head through a microscope.

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